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“Roman Dial has written a brave and marvelous book. It’s a page-turner that will rip your heart out.” — JON KRAKAUER, author of Into the Wild

“A haunting, beautifully-crafted narrative by one of the renowned wilderness explorers of our time: above all else, Roman Dial’s The Adventurer’s Son is a sensitive tribute to a son who never emerged from his journey into the rainforests of Central America.”— REBECCA MARTIN, Founding Director, National Geographic Expeditions Council

“The Adventurer’s Son is at once the narrative of a desperate search for a lost son, a poignant meditation on the depths of paternal love, and, in the end, a reaffirmation of the glory of exploration and adventure in the teeth of sorrow and loss.”—DAVID ROBERTS, acclaimed adventure writer.

Title Wave Books Presents: A Roman Dial Book Release

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Runtime: 2:00

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Early on July 10, 2014, Cody Roman Dial, the twenty-seven-year-old son of Roman Dial, slipped alone into Corcovado National Park, an untracked rainforest along Costa Rica’s remote Pacific Coast. He carried only a light backpack and machete, for he had been raised to be at home in the world’s wildest places. On the eve of his departure, he emailed his father:

I am not sure how long it will take me, but I’m planning on doing 4 days in the jungle and a day to walk out. I’ll be bounded by a trail to the west and the coast everywhere else, so it should be difficult to get lost forever.

These were the last words Dial ever received from his son.

THE ADVENTURER’S SON is Dial’s breathtaking account of his two-year quest to unravel the mystery of his son’s fate—and, ultimately, the truth about their relationship.

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