STARS: Ellen Burstyn, Jane Curtin, Loretta Devine

DIRECTOR: Michael Lembeck

“An ideal date night or friends’ group evening out.”
Thelma Adams, AARP Movies for Grownups

“‘All of these actors have had stellar, awards-laden careers, and this new film, which could be described as Mean Girls in a retirement home, proves they still have a lot of firepower left.”
Deadline Hollywood Daily, Pete Hammond

“Each of these stalwarts bring more than charisma to their roles, and when the writing itself displays some snap (which admittedly isn’t that often) the performers bite right into it.”
Glen Kenney, New York Times

“Ellen Burstyn and James Caan head an unusually strong cast of familiar faces in director Michael Lembeck’s indie crowd-pleaser.”
Joe Leydon, Variety

Queen Bees

PG-13 drug use, suggestive material, and some language

Runtime: 1:40

Buy Tickets:

Tickets on sale Tuesday, August 3rd at 11 am

While her house undergoes repairs, fiercely independent senior Helen temporarily moves into a nearby retirement community, where she encounters lusty widows, cutthroat bridge tournaments and a hotbed of bullying "mean girls."

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