“This is the best documentary about stuttering so far… Ultimately it is a movie about our need for acceptance and the power of unconditional love to heal the soul… This film can replace text books for Speech Pathology students and professionals as well as providing support and hope for parents and youngsters struggling with this physical challenge…”

1 in 20 children stutter.

Many will stutter for life, facing bullying, stigmatization, emotional and sometimes physical violence, all at the hands of classmates, teachers, family members and society at large.

Many hide, shut down, rigorously work toward fluency, or develop tricks to mask their stutter. Some, driven to despair, attempt to take their own lives.

Their story has never been told.

Until now.

My Beautiful Stutter


Runtime: 2:02

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Tickets on sale Tuesday, April 14th at 10:30 am online and at the Bear Tooth box office!

Presented by Alaska NSSLHA Chapter and Alaska NSA (National Stuttering Association) Chapter.

My Beautiful Stutter is the powerful and inspirational story of five kids, from all over the United States, who enter experimental, interactive and arts-based programs at SAY, The Stuttering Association for the Young. After a lifetime of bullying and stigmatization, some have found themselves close to suicide, others enter SAY withdrawn and fearful, exhausted and defeated from fluency training and the pressure to not stutter or remain silent. Over the course of a year, we witness firsthand the incredible transformation that happens when these young people of wildly different backgrounds experience for the first time the revolutionary idea at the heart of SAY: it's okay to stutter.

General admission $8

Part of the proceeds will benefit the Alaska NSSLHA Chapter