STARS: Zaira Romero, Rosy Rodríguez, Moreno Borja

DIRECTOR: Arantxa Echevarría

WINNER Best Cinematography Festival del Cine Venezolano

WINNER Best New Director Goya Awards

WINNER Best Debut Feature Guadalojara IFF

WINNER Cine Latino Award Palm Springs IFF

WINNER Best Feature Film Seattle IFF


Carmen & Lola ~ Carmen y Lola (original title)

Not rated 

Runtime: 1:43

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Carmen lives in a gypsy community in the suburbs of Madrid. Like every other woman she has ever met, she is destined to live a life that is repeated generation after generation: getting married and raising as many children as possible. But one day she meets Lola, an uncommon gypsy who dreams about going to university, draws bird graffiti and likes girls. Carmen quickly develops a complicity with Lola and they discover a world that, inevitably, leads them to be rejected by their families.

In Spanish with English subtitles