STARS: Henry Fonda, Vera Miles, Anthony Quayle

DIRECTOR: Alfred Hitchcock

91% Rotten

Tomatoes 7.5/10 IMDb

The Wrong Man (1956) ~ A Fundraiser for the Alaska Innocence Project

Not rated 

Runtime: 1:46

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The Bear Tooth Theatrepub is proud to partner with the ALASKA INNOCENCE PROJECT for a fundraiser with the screening of the film "The Wrong Man (1956)".

The only film legendary director Alfred Hitchcock made based entirely on actual events--a story that filled NYC headlines in 1953. Manny Balestrero (Henry Fonda), a mild-mannered double bass player in the orchestra at the famed Stork Club, is misidentified, and wrongfully accused of a series of hold-ups. The stress of the situation takes its toll on Balestrero and his family--most dramatically his wife, Rose (Vera Miles), who begins to suffer from severe depression and paranoid delusions, and eventually has to be hospitalized. Partly inspired by Italian neorealist cinema, which Hitchcock greatly admired, the film is shot in a B&W, documentary style, with an almost obsessive attention to detail.

GA $ 10

Tickets will go on sale Tuesday, June 20th at 10:30 am!