SHORTS: WTF?!?! - AIFF 2019


Runtime: 1:28

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Films worth freezing for

Six short films that are sure to keep you thinking, to say the least. ;)

Mr. Sam

Narrative short by Zeus Kontoyannis • USA • 2019 • 30 mins. Today is a big day for Mr. Sam. He is going to reveal to his mother that he’s finally found the love of his life. But Mr. Sam has many secrets, and the biggest one is discovered when his best friend Sandra arrives a bit earlier than expected.

Maintain Yourself

Animated short by Elie LaCourt • USA • 2018 • 4 mins. An animator performs her grooming routine on a puppet version of herself.

The Phantom 52

Animated short by Geoff Marslett • USA • 2019 • 8 mins. Loneliness is a trucker who calls out on his CB radio, waiting for a reply that never comes...


Narrative short by Anna Sobolevska • Ukraine • 2018 • 24 mins. Once upon a time, in the nearest future, humanity overcomes death by digitizing human souls.


Narrative short by Sophie B. Jacques • Canada • 2018 • 11 mins. Emilie comes back home after renting her house to complete strangers online. Too bad she will never know what really happened during her absence.

The Dig

Narrative short by Gerardo Antonio de Leon • USA • 2019 • 11 mins. The night before her wedding, Joanie enlists the help of her brother to retrieve their mother’s wedding ring.

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