Films worth freezing for

SHORTS: Opening Night - AIFF 2019

Not rated 

Runtime: 2:19

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Films worth freezing for

Back by popular demand, AIFF kicks off the 2019 Festival with a series of narrative and documentary short films including "Sin Cielo" and "Wandering in the White."

Wandering in the White

Short documentary by Otto Heikola • Finland • 2019 • 28 mins. Two top orienteers have just set out on a four-day skiing expedition when a blinding snowstorm strikes. How do you find home when you can't tell earth from sky?

Sin Cielo

Narrative short by Jianna Maarten Saada • USA • 2018 • 25 mins. In the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, two teenagers pursue young love in a region where violence may be inescapable.

When Pride Came to Town

Short documentary by Julie Lunde Lillesæter & Julia Dahr • Norway • 2018 • 18 mins. Bjørn-Tore fled to the big city in order to escape the everyday homophobia he experienced in his rural hometown. When the very same village is hosting Norway's first rural Pride parade, he is filled with mixed emotions about returning..

Class Act: Dance Hall Divas

Short documentary by Michael Holbrook Moss • USA • 2018 • 34 minutes Nine remarkable ladies face the challenges of aging with an astonishing combination of bravery and style – not to mention some fancy footwork, sequins and laughter.


Narrative short by Bijan Zarin • Iran • 2019 • 13 mins. After losing his job at the factory, Showan now has to smuggle goods along the Iranian-Iraqi border to make money.

Zero One

Narrative short by Kirsten Russell • France • 2019 • 14 mins. Standing on the Mirabeau bridge in Paris, Jo will finally solve her existential dilemmas, once and for all.

Frieri (The Proposal)

Narrative short by Det Sporadiske Filmkollektivet • Norway • 2018 • 6 mins. In a boat, Joachim gets down on one knee and proposes to Toril, the woman of his dreams. Toril, on the other hand, has a slightly different take on their relationship.

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