SHORTS: Martini Matinee - AIFF 2019


Runtime: 1:39

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Films worth freezing for

Our annual afternoon program at Bear Tooth Theatrepub of short films, cocktails, and even a little snack. What could be better?

The Seahorse Trainer

Narrative short by Ricardo Bonisoli & Babak Bina • Canada • 2019 • 13 mins. Seamour is a lonely old man with a passion for training seahorses. He is desperate to have his most prized seahorse perform an ambitious trick, but on the final day of training the hourglass turns and Seamour realizes he needs to overcome something from his troubled past to achieve his magnum opus.

Fairy Tail

Narrative short by Justin & Kristin Schaack • USA • 2018 • 4 mins. A hopeless romantic discovers an unlikely intruder and finds love at first fight.

Let the Blonde Sing

Made in Alaska documentary short by Rachel Knoll • USA • 2019 • 13 mins. In a small Alaskan bar works Beverly Sue Waltz, a singing bartender in the only bar open all-year-round.

Trampoline on Flattop

Made in Alaska documentary short by Ian Borowski • USA • 2019 • 19 mins. Big rock. Big jump. Big Yee-haw!

Moon Made

Narrative short by Caleb Hay dock • USA • 2018 • 9 mins. To manage the stresses of his job as well as of raising a teenage daughter, LAPD detective Vincent takes refuge in a karaoke lounge. But a certain lounge regular won't be ignored.

Carving Space

Documentary short by Annie Dean-Ganek • USA • 2019 • 16 mins. A portrait of skateboarding activists who are providing voices and creating safe spaces for members of the often overlooked queer skateboarding community.

To College

Narrative short by Quinn Halleck • USA • 2018 • 11 mins. An introverted freshman looking to embrace the wild college experience is assigned a room with an extroverted stud.


Narrative short by Leandro Goddinho & Paulo Menezes • Germany • 2019 • 14 mins. Lolo, an openly gay 11-year-old boy tries to convince Max, his first love, to go public with their relationship at a school party.

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By bringing filmmakers from all parts of the country and world to Alaska, we want artists to connect with people they might not otherwise meet, and engage audiences in workshops, screenings, and plenty of celebratory parties.