STARS: Melissa Mitchell, Emily Anderson and The Good Times Travelers

DIRECTOR: Kevin Worrell

“The Parlor creates another opportunity for them to put down their devices, go out on a dinner date, socialize within the community, and take in the beauty radiating from the stage.” Darren Smith – Anchorage Press

“If you open yourself up to get weird and to get honest then it (PITR) rewards you. I’ve learned to just let it go and let it happen. ‘Cause it’s fun, but every time I do it, the week of, I’m literally cursing Kevin’s name. I gotta make up a song about farts or moose, but then the second that I am in it, it is sooo worth it. [The audience] is able to huddle in, take part in it,” he said. “What really makes it work is that moment of connection. It leads into the whole community health piece that I really recognize.” Nick Carpenter – Medium Build

Parlor In The Round

Not rated 

Runtime: 3:00

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Tickets on sale Tuesday, March 5th at 10:30 am online and at the Bear Tooth box office!

Performing: Melissa Mitchell, Emily Anderson and The Good Times Travelers

Feels like dinner theater. Looks like improv comedy.

The Mountain State has its Stage and the Tiny Desk, its Concert. This concert season Alaskans will gather at Parlor In The Round. Borrowing from the guitar pull tradition of porches and campfires, songwriters from all walks of Alaskan life (and some beyond) will trade songs and stories as they are inspired by each other and the audience.

After the intermission, tradition is cast aside as the musicians dive into collaborations, jocular inventions and premeditated musings all based on written submissions from the audience.

Kevin Worrell hosts this dinner theater, drawing out the strength and vulnerability of each artist while holding the crowd closely throughout the performance. The Bear Tooth Theaterpub, sets the stage for this dinner theater and a hush falls over the crowd. Expect to lean in and laugh out loud at Parlor in the Round.

General Admission $18.50

General Admission tickets will be $25 the day of the show. About the artists:

Melissa Mitchell is beloved among her fans. At home in Alaska every show is like a homecoming because her performance makes everyone feel like family. Her soulful vocal intensity and percussive guitar style command goose bumps, tears and shimmying hips. After moving to Hawaii in 2018, Melissa makes her first homecoming for this one of a kind show.

The Good Time Travelers are a multi-instrumental acoustic duo with vocal harmonies and a stage presence so big that they have been described as a “2-piece power-trio". Pete Kartsounes and Michael Kirkpatrick have a sound that is rooted in bluegrass and folk music, but the sentiment is pure rock and roll.

An encounter with Emily Anderson’s music is unmistakably a magical affair. And while she has no shortage of credentials to back the claim—a gifted multi-instrumentalist, prolific songwriter, and graduate of the esteemed Berklee college of music in Boston—Emily has in tandem something arguably more important: something pure, distinct, and extraordinary to show us.