Love & Taxes

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Following the possibly real-life exploits of comedian and monologist Josh Kornbluth, LOVE & TAXES is the story of a legal secretary (Josh) who has gone seven uneventful years without filing his tax returns. But when his boss, a prominent tax attorney, demands that he get back into “The System,” Josh rapidly falls down a rabbit hole of ever-deepening tax miseries. His instinct, honed over a lifetime of being a slacker, would be simply to “drop out” of The System again – but as it happens, he’s fallen in love with Sara, a neurotically shy but charmingly impulsive public-school teacher; and when Sara gets pregnant with Josh’s child, she demands that (a) they get married by the time the baby is born and (b) Josh solve his increasingly terrible tax problem before they get married.

Faced with this ultimatum, Josh must confront the source of his antipathy towards “The Man”: a countercultural 1960’s New York City childhood in which his radical parents seemed to teach him that the responsibilities of citizenship (like paying taxes) were an impediment to love and intimacy. Now, however, he begins to realize that in order to be a loving husband and father (and citizen), he must embrace those communal responsibilities – that, for him, love and taxes are inextricably bound together.

Stars: Nile Acero, Liz Anderson, Darren Bridgett
Director: Jacob Kornbluth

All tickets including reserved booths will go on sale Tuesday, March 21st at 10:30 am online and at the Bear Tooth box-office!

Showtimes: Mon 3/27 5:30 PM

Run time: 1:40 h

Movie Rating: Not rated.

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