STARS: Bryan Cranston, Koyu Rankin, Edward Norton

DIRECTOR:  Wes Anderson

90% Rotten Tomatoes • 82% Metacritic

Wes Anderson’s ninth feature film (his second in stop-motion animation) is his wildest and waggiest yet, expanding his wondrous, inventive vision while retaining his meticulous compositions.
Jeffrey M. Anderson • Common Sense Media

Isle of Dogs

PG-13 thematic elements and some violent images

Runtime: 1:41

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An outbreak of dog flu has spread through the city of Megasaki, Japan, and Mayor Kobayashi has demanded all dogs to be sent to Trash Island. On the island, a young boy named Atari, sets out to find his lost dog, Spots, with the help of five other dogs... with many obstacles along the way.

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