STARS: Rocío Molina

DIRECTOR: Emilio Belmonte Molina

“Ms. Molina is one of the greatest flamenco dancers I have seen,
but to say that is not enough.”
—The New York Times

“At once lyrical, raunchy and impeccably danced,
Molina’s fiercely provocative work is unforgettable.”
— Observer

“Startlingly experimental moves look classical”
—The New York Times

“Molinaʼs dancing feels at moments like a flamenco Rite of Spring”
—The Guardian




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Rocίo Molina is all of 32 years old: an avant-garde performance artist/flamenco dancer with a dash of Björk and Pina Bausch thrown in for good measure. Often onstage alone, her work grows from the flamenco tradition but she infuses it with a modern, magnetic passion: crawling through red paint (suggestive of menstrual blood or the aftermath of a violent crime) or moving to a hard-driving rock beat. At times her look is minimal, almost Japanese in its austerity; at other times her performance suggests a sexy, plump fruit, ripe and edible. Emilio Belmonte follows Molina as she rehearses for her Paris debut at the Chaillot National Theater. She is never less than a force of nature.

In Spanish with English subtitles.

Tickets on sale Tuesday, November 13th at 10:30 am online and at the Bear Tooth box office!