Bear Tooth Pretzel Sticks

    Two oven baked pretzel sticks with a light basting of Pipeline Stout with a side of Prince William Porter cheese sauce.


    Molasses-Coriander Salad

    Romaine, goat cheese, bacon, yams, tossed in a molasses-coriander vinaigrette.

    6.95 • 10.95

    BLT Quesadilla

    We took the traditional bacon, lettuce, tomato, and added a Bear Tooth twist of melted cheese, on a flour tortilla. Served with a side of spicy jalapeno aioli.


    The New Year Burrito

    Bring fortune in the year to come! Pork posole, black eyed peas, cabbage, tomatoes, serrano verde, Colorado sauce, and onion relish all wrapped in a flour tortilla. Served with chips.
    *Got a low carb news year’s resolution? Try this burrito without a tortilla, served in a bowl. Delish!


    Picante Extreme

    Steak, bacon, fresh jalapeno, cream cheese, pepperjack and cheddar cheese, topped with adobo blanca, tomatoes, green onions and chili flakes.

    3.95 • 11.25 • 20.95 • 25.95

    Winter Blues

    Roasted red peppers, crimini mushrooms, blue cheese crumbles, caramelized onions, garlic, chili flakes, basil, mozzarella, provolone, garlic oil.

    3.95 • 11.25 • 20.95 • 25.95

    Root Beer Float Cupcake

    Indulge with our housemade root beer cupcake with vanilla and root beer frosting. Served with a cherry on top for good measure.