Broken Tooth Pretzel Sticks

    Two oven baked pretzel sticks with a light basting of Pipeline Stout with a side of Prince William Porter cheese sauce.


    Steakhouse Salad

    AK mixed greens, tri-tip steak, and pickled onion tossed in a creamy roasted garlic dressing and topped with house-made croutons and parmesan.

    10.95 • 14.95

    Trapper Treats

    Rondy, ren-dez-vous, come on! Blackened chicken, bacon, fresh jalapenos, black bean corn salsa, and cheese. All wrapped in a crisp flour tortilla and served with a side of honey chipotle BBQ sauce.


    Bangkok Tacos

    For all you peanut sauce lovers, don’t miss out on these tacos. Blackened chicken, bean sprouts, carrots, bok choy, red onion, red bell pepper, cilantro and peanut sauce on flour tortillas. Served with chips.


    Honey Mustard BBQ

    Chicken, sun-dried tomato, onion, basil, barbeque sauce, honey mustard, garlic oil, and Boar’s Head picante provolone.

    10.75 • 19.95 • 25.95

    The Oh-Mega

    It’s a kale to remember! Kale, caramelized onion, goat cheese, chili flakes, walnuts, citrus-kale puree, light cheese, and garlic oil.

    10.75 • 19.95 • 25.95

    Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie

    The best of both worlds, red velvet cake baked with a cheesecake swirl, making a flavor combination full of love! Served with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.