Bear Tooth Pretzel Sticks

    Two oven baked pretzel sticks with a light basting of Pipeline Stout with a side of Prince William Porter cheese sauce.


    Bacon JalapeƱo Popper Quesadilla

    Crispy flour tortilla filled with spicy cream cheese, fresh jalapeƱos, bacon, and cheese. Served with a side of Colorado sauce.


    Persimmon and Pomegranate Salad

    Kale and spinach tossed in a sweet apple cider vinaigrette topped with pickled shallots, pomegranates, persimmons, and spicy pecans.

    8.95 • 12.95

    Curry Chickpea Wrap

    (Vegan Friendly)
    Chickpea curry salad with apples, celery, onion, red peppers, ginger, and mint wrapped with tahini dressing, romaine mix, and cucumbers in a wheat tortilla. Served with a side of chips.
    Try lettuce wraps for a gluten-free option.


    Carnitas Wrap

    Slow roasted pork, rajas, tomatillo-avocado salsa, cabbage, cheese, and sour cream wrapped in a flour tortilla. Served with chips.


    El Toro

    Cumin chorizo, pimento, onion, chili flakes, cilantro, oregano, cotija, and a light layer of marinara and cheese.

    11.75 • 21.95 • 26.95

    Tre Pomodoro

    Sun dried tomato, sliced roma tomato, marinara, roasted garlic, kalamata olive, mozzarella, provolone, and basil.

    10.75 • 19.95 • 25.95

    Chocolate Pumpkin Brownie

    A swirl of chocolate and pumpkin pie flavors baked into a fudgy brownie. Served with a side of whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.