First Taps

Fields of AthenRye
(Belgian Dark IPA)
This rye IPA pours reddish amber, has a complex malt-filled center, and finishes with lingering hoppiness and spicy rye notes.

Brewed by Sean Heyer – March 2013
OG 1.061, ABV 5.75%, 62 IBUs

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Ebbing Darkness
(Belgian Dark IPA)
This beer pours dark brown with an off white head. Floral, fruity esters from the Belgian yeast blend with hop aroma on the nose. The first sip reveals the dark malt flavors, but Calypso hop bitterness lingers on the tongue for the finish. Here comes the sun!

Brewed by Dave Parker – February 2013
OG 1.060, ABV 6.3%, 50 IBUs

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Specialty Beers

Slam Dunkel
Brewed with six types of malt and two classic German hop varieties, this well-balanced dark wheat beer pours amber and quenches like the slam dunk that it is.

OG 1.050, ABV 5.0%, 24 IBUs

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Smokin’ Willie Porter
(Smoked Brown Porter)
We started with our Prince William Porter recipe, cold smoked some grain over alder and apple wood, added a dash of Victory malt for toastiness and ended up with our award winning smoked porter.

OG 1.065, ABV 6.0%, 29 IBUs

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Moonflower Belgique
(Belgian-Style ESB)
The second offering in our series of classic Broken Tooth beers brewed using a classic Belgian Abbey yeast. Familiar Belgian character imparts fruitiness and zest to round out our soft, citrusy, well-balanced Moonflower ESB.

Brewed by The Aaron Benolkin Experience
OG 1.055, ABV 5.9%, ~31 IBUs

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‘The Ungulator’
Our German style lager offers a rich copper color and a pleasant nose. The Ungulator is beautifully balanced between malt and hops making for a delicious drinking beer with a touch of caramel and chocolate in the front with a hint of pears in the finish. Enjoy!

Brewed by Dave Parker
OG 1.080, ABV 7.8%, ~29 IBUs

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Darth Delirium
Darth is a big, rich Belgian stout. Its full, roasty body gives way to a smooth chocolaty finish.

OG 1.059, ABV 12.1%, ~85 IBUs

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Optimus Prime Barleywine
This big, malty beer pours copper, with notes of raisin, spice, and malt sweetness balanced by hop bitterness.

Brewed by Dave Parker
OG 1.099, ABV 10.1%, ~76 IBUs

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