Bear Tooth Theatrepub & Grill

Address: 1230 W 27th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99503
Telephone: (907) 276.4200


General Manager: Stephanie Johnson

(907) 276-4255 |



Theatre Manager: Adam Hollon



Film Booker and Programmer: Rolando Guzman

(907) 258.2418 |



Special Event Coordinator: Mike Jipping

(907) 276.4200 ext.5 |



Concert & Music Info & Booking: Dan Fiacco

(907) 258.2537 |




(907) 222.1560 |



Non-profit donation coordinator: Cortney Foos

(907) 222.1560 |

In order to process any donation, we require a formal letter of request. This letter of request should be on letterhead or at least be in the format of a business letter. Please include the name and date of your event, a small introduction of your organization, as well as a description of your event and whom it benefits. Also include additional pertinent information like what type of donation you are looking for (e.g. gift cards). This letter can be sent via mail, fax, or it can be sent to the donation coordinator’s email address as an attachment.